Tuesday, May 26, 2009

cozying up to it~

so much has kept me busy: i graduated with my BA, am moving on towards medicine, have been working like crazy---especially for our little trip to seattle this week (anyone up there wanna give me some fun ideas?) and have just been enjoying gardening, reading and relaxing.

      it's amazing how taking my mind off my BG a bit has worked wonders for it!  i think some of it is that i've finally 'plateaued' with it.  not like i'm never going to struggle again, i just mean it's so weird how my 30 day averages seem to have just come down on their own because i slid off on logging every number, every dose.  and i have to say, i haven't had too many bad numbers as a result.  honestly though, i 've been lucky throughout this whole first-year-after-diagnosis; i bounced back and in control relatively quickly.  but you all know the worrying that comes with dealing with t1 everyday...it can really begin to consume you if you're not careful.  sigh. the fine line between tight control and being OCD about it, eh? lol. 
      guess i'm just saying that it's great to finally relax a bit.  it's here to stay, but i'm healthier, more self-aware, more reflective in such a balanced way than i've ever been in my life.  so strange!  i can hardly describe it at times.  it's like a strange blessing that arrived in an old beat up basket.  instead of making me into a basket case though, i feel like it's turned into a beautiful little gift; a bit of that 'insider info' we all wish we could have in life sometimes.  i think i've got some now and i'm at peace more than i've ever been. 


Saturday, May 9, 2009

herbalist class~

i can't even begin to rave enough about my herbalist class.  marylou singleton is one of the most dynamic, integrated, amazing women i have ever encountered. she's a complex pioneer, unafraid to mix the best of both worlds (allopathic, biophysical medicine, with traditional natural therapeutics approaches.)  she's also got the greatest laugh, super contagious!
    i'm learning so much in this course about the body; not only in healing the root cause of an illness, but also tonifying and rebalancing it.
it's made up of a group of ladies who all have different backgrounds and interests, but all of us have that one thing in common: we are fascinated by the healing properties of plants.  also, we are learning about relationships with plants.  i know some people might find this weird, but i was never taught to view the plant and animal world this way; and let me just say it is very moving and healing in itself.  i see scarlet globemallow, mallow neglecta, and wild lettuce everyday on my way to the university and it's like, "hey you! just hanging out waiting to heal us!"  
     something about merely talking about plant medicine all these years bugged me, and so i've realized with this class that it was the missing relationships!  when we took our first herb walk with supermarylou, everytime she showed us a new plant: valerian, clematis, rosehips, sweet sicily....this deep urge came over me to actually greet the plant.  finally! nice to meet you!  i've heard so much about you!  hysterical! 
     i feel so blessed in my life right now. i'm graduating, i'm really healthy with my type 1, my garden's taken off, all of that joy that used to define me now defines me again, and now i'm developing healing relationships with other species (who are never malicious or twisted or have hidden agendas like some people i'm dealing with this year, ouch.)

now go munch on some lemonbalm!