Saturday, June 13, 2009

adapting to change~

so the seattle trip was a success. not a no-trouble-at-all-success, but a small victory in the sense that traveling (from my understanding) can be cause for anxiety for many type 1's. it became a metaphor for adapting to change!
and ya, it was rough at first. i had to manage some pretty bad morning highs (low 200's every morning i was there until the last day, actually) most likely due to lantus/novolog overlap issues...or, in all honesty, late night eating issues: i cannot eat very late at night and especially not dessert (boo!) unless i want my a.m reading to royally suck. and ya, we had a weird eating schedule (duh, vacation!) and enjoyed many a late-night italian cafe tiramisu, organic icecream with friends, and french dessert fixes to boot. oi!
my 30 day averages still managed to maintain at 117, but i think that's because the rest of the day i managed to just stay on top of it, and ya, try to eat as best as i could: lots of ethnic food was on our yummy-to-eat-list anyway, so that helped, considering the way most people in the rest of the world eat is uh, not the american way of but you know, it's hard. a lot of the fun of vacation is getting to try new desserts and food and just lazying off your regular schedule. so....
i posted this little image i found (courtesy of because i found it to be perfect as far as true adaptation goes. my little trip---only a few days, and west (which is the easier of the time changes on the blood glucose because you gain hours rather than losing them) was a good first lesson in how to what i would say initiate (attempt something such as a trip for learning) how to adapt in order to ultimately stabilize again. then, it all comes together so you feel braver, [somewhat] more spontaneous, and shall we say...normal (?!) i was so determined not to let myself get completely out of [glucose] control so i could literally stay feeling good, but also, so that i could actually enjoy the fun that vacationing lots of exercise and laughing and dancing and socializing. that's all good for the BG!! it hit me that everything in our lives always balances out in the end. my body truly was stabilizing by the 5th day we were there. and we were only there 5 days, so it got me thinking that sometimes all we really do need is time. i thought, "i know this in general in my life, why wasn't i willing to just apply it so easily here, too? i'm always saying to people, 'give it time'!"
time to plan it, initiate it, adapt to it, and we do every day, all day. we can do it! i feel i can take a trip anywhere now and know that all will eventually be well. we know it always is. it may take a little extra time and patience, but it doesn't have to stop you from say, kayaking. things might take a little extra monitoring, but to be sure, in a few days things will always work themselves out. i actually find it kinda funny that i still sometimes fear trusting this basic fact of life when it comes to my blood sugar.
even if i do the harder of the two time changes next time (go east, young woman with type 1 diabetes!) i know i'm now taking baby steps toward....someday going back to africa to continue community health work!!