Monday, September 28, 2009

akbar, our big reminder~

meet akbar.
no, that's not his little brother lying next to him.
they're both newborns. ya, you read that right: newborns.
his name translates as The Great in arabic, apparently.
frankly, what happened to akbar is not so great.
in fact, it's every type 1's worst nightmare regarding pregnancy, and every type 1's reminder to keep their sugar in tight control.
unfortunately for akbar's mama, she developed gestational diabetes and didn't really have a choice in the matter. her BG was probably pretty out of control when she became pregnant and a gestational diabetic. akbar has macrosomia; which causes babies born to mothers with major hyperglycemic averages to be, ah-hem, larger than average.
what's the diff, you ask?
please click here if you don't know what gestational diabetes is. women with pre-existing type 1 diabetes with tight control do not develop gestational diabetes when they are pregnant. gestational is a whole other beast.
so how did akbar get so damn huge?
this was no 'freak accident'--- the way the media is trying to spin it; turning it into a sensationalist's dream joke.
more than likely, his mama did not have access to or understand her daily needs for insulin (because the oral meds used to maintain pancreatic efficiency are not safe for pregnancy) during her pregnancy, thus giving her daily high blood glucose. this in turn, causes growth hormone issues centered on insulin---i've even read that it causes the baby's pancreas to spill insulin too early on to cover mom's high plasma glucose. the result: ONE HUGE BABY.
this sucks. akbar's only issue for now is his macrosomia. however, he is now at greater risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, as early as age 15! this just makes me sad.

i want to make it clear that i am not making a judgement on akbar's mom. i'm putting this info out there because while he made the news for being "Akbar the Great" it infuriates me that health media is not using this as yet one more opportunity to discuss the serious risks that uncontrolled blood sugars pose in utero, let alone as a way to prevent women from entering their pregnancies obese---thus placing themselves at a huge risk for even developing gestational diabetes.
this kid's gonna have some major issues. this is not "great" and we shouldn't be making fun of him or his mom.


Lyrehca said...

Terrific post.

k2 said...

First thing I thought of when I saw the story on the new was Diabetes.
I wonder if the reporters even care about the health risks he faces?

birdy said...

it boggles my mind that no one is talking about this in the terms it so needs to be discussed in, kelly! i even saw my endo recently, and the head doc came in to meet me, chat a bit--inform me that "she didn't think i'd ever have a big baby" here's the part that made me wanna sock her one:
"oh ya, no big babies for you. not like that kid in the news. did you see the picture? ya, he's crying! WAAAAAAAAAA!
[insert frighteningly hysterical laughter here.]
i'll tell you he's crying because everyone is LAUGHING at him! oh big baby!"

i kid you not, this is what she said. i just sat there in total disgust at this endocrinologist who had the nerve and vulgarity to say all that and laugh in my face about it, like it was a big joke for the world to enjoy.
i hate self-induced stupidity.