Monday, September 21, 2009

pumpin' it~

i forgot to tell you all:
i'm going to get a pump!
i know, i know. i was soooooooo anti-pump. then again, give me a break. i've only had type 1 since 2008. things take a while to get used to! i have to say though, i think it was good that i really "learned" this disease by way of having to go through all the drawing-up/self-injecting/often spaced out into small multiple injections for certain [*ah-hem*] annoying foods. i really do understand more than i think i would have had i rushed into getting the pump too soon after diagnosis. it seems about a year or so later is a good time-frame to start shoppin'. as i said in that earlier post, it wasn't about vanity. it was deeper than that. as my type 1 friend alayna said, "it's ok in the end. but it's certainly weird to get used to wearing your pancreas on your britches!" ha!
so early this year i obsessively kept mulling over the pros and cons and really just kept getting stuck emotionally in the whole OHMYGODICAN'THAVESOMETHINGATTACHEDTOME issue.
i can't tell you that anything particularly huge came over me, but i can say that this is just my nature. i'm a very gradual girl. i like to read, research, talk to people, think through it myself. look at lots of pictures, LOL. i hate being pushed into things. i'm definitely a think-for-yourself kind of person. god, and i am sooooooo insulin-sensitive. this one-shot-deal that lantus offers is not exercise friendly at all. it is getting really, really old.
it also helped to start researching pregnancy and type 1 heavily and realizing there was no way in hell i was gonna be able to have the control i currently have with injections during a pregnancy with injections. trust me. after reading all of the literature and research, it's crazy to try and manage type 1 with MDIs when we have pump technology with such minute, accurate dosing and wave patterns. i was like, what the hell was i caught up on?!

so i'm 98% positive i'm getting the animas ping. it seems to fit me the best and its little nuances are what are 'selling' me on it. although, i must say, it's been a tough pull between medtronic and animas. they both really seem to be great companies from what i keep hearing from 'pumpers'.

*i'd love to hear from you all about your pumps, how they changed your life, and what you like and don't like.

so i just wanted to put it out there that i'm super excited about it. i really am! it makes me so hopeful for my [possible] future as a healthy type 1 mama.
and guess what? because i'm a loud, silly, unabashedly au naturale type 1 gal:
i'm gonna get the green one.


Elizabeth said...

The Animas Ping wasn't around in 2005, when I was pump shopping. At that time I chose the Minimed Paradigm 522; but in the year 2009, I think you've made the right pump choice! It looks like Animas has expanded their screen and their text font and simplified the buttons from their previous pump version.

The great thing about Animas pumps, is that they are compatible with a variety of infusion set brands. If for any reason you have trouble with Animas infusion sets, Disetronic's are my most favorite infusion sets made (their Ultraflex, especially).


P.S. Green is my favorite color, too!

birdy said...

elizabeth, you are so awesome and cute! you've been so supportive and interesting; i look forward to sharing and learning about type 1 and birth---but so many other topics regarding this disease, too--with you! lots of love&peace,