Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the countdown~

i know i keep going on and on simply about getting my pump...(just getting it!) but i can't help myself. THIS IS NUTS!
i'm actually getting it next thursday!
i really have mixed emotions. and i know i keep saying that, too.
every time i see a person with one, my nerves are soothed. but the thought of it alone is like, what the hell am i doing?
i picture it as this HUGE THING attaching itself to MY ABDOMEN---maybe even talking and shit, like, "you will never be rid of me! i am going to grow too and take over your...elbows!"
[insert nervous hysterical laughter here.]
then i lighten up and realize my imagination has gone too far. again.
and yet, ironically, just as i am saying this, i've been having issues the last couple of weeks controlling my BG the way i usually can. it's not horrible, just averaging about 130, which is not great to me. i know, i know: COOL IT, birdy. a lot of it i've realized, is seasonal changes.
so i think about the pump as this tool that's going to help smooth out these rough edges i'm having. i know most of it is due to my not being able to do dual waves and extended bolusing. well, i try, but bolusing 3 units over a period of 5 hours is tedious, to say the least.
hey, it's green though and the hipness of that tiny fact comforts me. ;)

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