Saturday, October 24, 2009

natural, sugar free pancakes~

so the other day we went to our local (no kidding, it really is locally-owned: yipeeeeee!) grocery store. i'm always willing to at least skim the nutritional information of [often so-called] sugar free products until i find my usual long list of disappointing ingredients to include but not limited to: maltitol, sucralose, soy protein, etc. more on my issues with these things later. but for now, the good news.
matthew (my partner) found this pancake mix. it's from "maple grove farms" and at first, i was like, yaaaaaaaaaa right! but like i said, i always obligingly look.
not bad at all: wheat gluten, corn starch, unbleached wheat flour, whey protein, leavening, salt, and 'natural flavor' (whatever the hell that means, right?)
so it comes out to about 2 small/medium pancakes a person with only about 8 carbs per pancake (you read that right). it says 'only 6 net carbs' because of the fiber subtraction, but we figured we made the pancakes a bit bigger. also, we like them very thin, so you may want to take that into account if you like thick 'cakes. by the way, no they do not taste like cardboard. matthew, my ever-honest-type 3-diabetic so kindly stated, "ya know, they taste just like whole-wheat pancakes!"
next time we're having the organic apple sausage from applegate farms, and voila! our breakfast will be gourmet stupendous!
but what about syrup, you ask?
well, first i must say i am appalled at the amount of carbohydrate in syrup; yes, even organic, all natural: 56 grams per 1/4 cup [scream!] pancakes are like, the out of the out breakfast option for me. adding even an 1/8 of a cup to already carb-coma-inducing pancakes sounds like pancreatic hell and i just can't justify putting peabody through that mess. think of your children, people! ;)
so we found a different option:
enter maple butter.
i found this stuff at the same grocer, it's from "shady maple farms". the best part is it's organic! and it's only about $3! it'll last forever too, because you barely need any. just be sure to put it on right when the pancake comes off the griddle or else it doesn't spread and melt as yummily.
mmmm, this stuff is amazing! for a big fat tablespoon, you get the same taste for 16 grams of carb. ok, i know it's not runny and fun like syrup, but the taste is swonderful and let me tell you, when you add up all the carbs you're eating: about 48 (2 pancakes, 1 Tbsp butter) instead of say, 100+, trust me: your pancreas will thank you.

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