Friday, October 16, 2009

ze pump has entered ze building~

or left the building.
that's animas' factory, i'm saying.
so my CDE wrote me and said they're tentatively looking at October 29th to start my training.
i'm kinda nervous, guys!
i think i just learn and practice in the first session, and then the next time we actually do the first insertion site.
for some reason, i'm starting to get all jittery about this again.
there's a part of me that wants to say,
ok, this has been REAL fun, but i uh, changed my mind.
i know, i know.
and then i think of how annoying it's been to inject myself 10, 000 times a day.
and how impossible it is to eat an avocado with a piece of toast. bad combo.
i need to remind myself that i am not alone. that my hopes are huge for this because it's leading me somewhere better, more comfortable, flexible, and certainly healthier for any future pregnancies...

on a positive note, my work with refugees at catholic charities is going awesome. today we did massage on them; such beautiful people. their essential needs are being met, but it is so nice to also offer them some peace, lavender oil, and compassionate human touch.


Lyrehca said...

Good luck with your pump start--are you getting a Ping?

I eat mashed avocado on pita or a wrap almost every day for lunch--I do a 55-45 combo bolus over three or so hours and it usually works well.

I've been on a pump for nine years--you will be amazed at the fine tuning that is possible with it.

birdy said...

hi lyrehca!
thanks for commenting again!
btw, we are ALL so excited about your upcoming pregnancy book! i know it's been a lot of work, but i want you to know how much it means to so many of us that a type 1 is actually writing a guide and not just a pep talk, hehe.
YES! i'm getting the ping! what do you think? i'm so excited and yet terrified. my control's been great, but lately it's been difficult b/c of things like carb/fat combos, on top of the season change.
i think rapid-acting is designed for fast-acting foods, you know? b/c i eat so low-glycemic, my food's often burning for about 3 hours...and i'm so sick of injecting my dose every 45 minutes over 3 hours. CRAZY!

Lyrehca said...

Hey, just checking back in on this post. THANKS for the book praise--it's always nice to hear heartfelt encouragement. It's nearly done... I should be working on the final chapter right now instead of reading blogs, but everyone needs a break sometimes.

I like the Ping a lot--did you already use a One Touch meter beforehand? I did, so the transition to it (from my last pump, a Minimed 508) was pretty easy. And yes, eating a carb fat combo like an avocado sandwich was tailor made for a pump. I mean, if we're eating so healthy, why should we have to deal with high blood sugars? The Ping can help with those. It's not foolproof--stuff happens and sometimes I go high even after doing everything right--but it helps.

birdy said...

no, i just use the accucheck advantage. i like it cos it's small. i don't really know what i'm going to do about exercising with the one-touch meter because i've heard it's pretty big (being a remote and all).
i guess i need to be grateful for what IS working out, eh? do you use the meter remote? it's something i'm pretty excited about, but of course the size issue....:)
good luck with the last chapter; we're all waiting on pins and needles! so excited! i've had you on my amazon wish list for a while now! but of course, no pressure...LOL.
no really, good luck and talk soon!