Thursday, October 29, 2009

ze pump is IN~

this is my picture of me with my little green pump on the very first day.
sorry, i couldn't resist. ;)
and uh ya, the tegaderm is huge!
the cde is ordering some tiny tegaderms for me. she laughed and said, "clearly, we need a smaller tegaderm. you're so tiny!"
but it's all very exciting!
i only had a weeeeee bit of trouble getting the sticky-tape-hand-maneuver-hold-the-cannula-down-while-removing-the-needle part down, but i think it was just because i had two cde's and the pump trainer watching me (!) it was just like when i was a medic doing iv's...honestly, only smaller and kinder and not vein-oriented. and i liked the "tender" insertion set they ordered. it's just like the 'silhouette'.
so i went straight home to have some lunch and you wanna hear something funny? i actually had a moment where i started reaching for a needle and felt something along the lines of...anger? like, sigh, more injections. it was all very subconscious and momentary. but the moment was certainly there! (so i guess i've been even more ready for this than i thought.)
then i grinned and reached for my pump.
to be sure i'll have days where i say this thing has got to go but it's so great to think that sometime in the near future i'll understand it, and we can start trying for a bebe next year!! [cross your fingers!]
it's been so frustrating the last couple of months, especially. my diet's pretty low-glycemic, so keeping-up-with-my-lentils had become a tortoise-and-the-hare kind of race. when's it coming? should i take more? should i have taken less? how much do i have left? am i going higher or lower?!
today my post-prandial was about 165. just yesterday i would've sat there pondering if i needed more insulin to fix it. today, i could look at my insulin-on-board still and know that another.whole.unit was still on its way.
the best part?
my a1c came back this morning at an even 6%.
i know i've got a learning curve ahead of that requires a lot of patience, but still:
it can only get better from here. ;)


Lyrehca said...

COngrats--but why is all the tubing taped to your tum? Just tuck it into your pants! Or did you do that just for the photo?

Elizabeth said...

Ditto what Lyrehca said--I never tape the tubing down. Completely agreeing with you that Tenders are great: they hold your pump to you without any additional adhesive help--for real.

I can count on one hand the number of times my set accidentally got pulled out in the last 13 years (and I've never used tape). If you have too much tubing, just order shorter length ones next time. (I use 23".)

My favorite place to wear my pump is in the center/front of an underwire bra. That way the tubing never gets in the way while visiting the bathroom. ;D

Congratulations and enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I am happy for you Em. I hope things keep going well with your new green friend! :)

birdy said...

HAHA!! i love you guys! lyrehca and elizabeth; you are so awesome and crack me up! ya, she said to use the tegaderm, and you know i'm still in that "whatever you say is safe" phase! now THIS makes me feel a LOT better to know i don't need the stupid tegaderm. god, i'm still rolling. LOL!!
thanks for the pointers; you two are great! now i don't feel so...colostomized! :)