Tuesday, November 3, 2009

melting down~

so i had a melt down the first day i tried to change my site.
haha, go ahead and laugh.
it wasn't the insertion site, it was the fact that i couldn't draw up the insulin without matthew's help because the blue plunger thing on the cartridge is that hard to move without pulling it out. and the bubbles that resulted! oi!
i think that week just devolved for me, though. after my lovely little post below about my first day being great, i went on that night to get rear-ended by somebody at a red light. ya, red, i said! the next day my landlady suddenly had this burst of do-it-all-today energy, and i realized i had no test strips for my new meter.
hrmph. not a big deal, i know, but it kinda bummed me out i couldn't start using my one-touch til next week.
they say "when it rains, it pours" and that person wasn't kidding, eh? but a car accident? seriously, was that a necessary addition?
it's funny how the sky is certainly clearer after a good storm, though.
here's to hope and change.


Elizabeth said...

I'm SO sorry that happened, Emily! The good news is someone ELSE hit you at the red light! (The first time I read your post, I thought YOU had hit someone at a red light!) Bright side: at least your insurance won't go up! What a pain to get it fixed, though! I'm VERY glad you were not hurt!

Okay, about the pulling insulin into the cartridge issue--here are a few pointers that (hopefully) might be helpful to you for next time:

1. Pull & push the plunger up and down a couple of times before even starting, as this loosens it up some.

2. People say that if you take your insulin out of the fridge an hour beforehand, there are less bubbles. (Personally, I don't have the planning skills to be able to organize that in advance, but I thought you should know that this trick works for others.)

3. Drawing the insulin into the cartridge VERY slowly significantly reduces the number of bubbles. (I use this trick often.)

4. Flicking bubbles to the top helps (just like in syringes).

5. Load your cartridge into your pump vertically (with bubbles at the top), so that when you prime, the bubbles will get pushed out ahead of the insulin.

I know the second time will be better!

Lyrehca said...

I hear you--that blue plunger comes off far too easily in my opinion.

Elizabeth offered great tips.

As an aside, I only store my unopened insulin in the fridge--I keep a vial in my meter bag, along with an extra syringe, and use that vial all the time. I think it's OK to do this as long as you use the insulin within a month or so, which I do. I've been doing this for years and don't typically have problems with bubbles (or insulin effectiveness).

Glad you didn't cause the accident!

birdy said...

hey girls! thanks so much! you two are being SO awesome and supportive! i can't even tell you how much i appreciate being able to ask for your thoughts and advice...:)