Wednesday, November 4, 2009

on babies and tangerines~

so i had my preconception counseling appointment with the great and wonderful dr. larry leeman at university of new mexico's family medicine clinic. this guy is great. just scroll to the bottom of that link when you open it to find his impressive "about me" section.
if/when i get pregnant, i wouldn't be delivering at the wonderful midwifery practice. maybe someday they'll have step-down options for some type 1's. but the most important thing to me--that he be a compassionate, understanding, easygoing doc (and a little crunchy)--was all there today. he was really engaging and willing to work with me on so many levels. he was understanding of my anxiety of controlling my own disease, only to fear handing it over to a bunch of people i've never met. he was super excited to take me on as a future patient and just kept asking when are you guys getting pregnant?!
it's amazing to me, that statement.
so often, all we hear as type 1 women are the fear-mongering, overt, threatening gestures meant to warn (or ward off) our desires to get pregnant. it's not too often that people get this bright smile on their face and say, "good on you for being type 1 and trying to get pregnant!" ya right.
now i don't want to be too hard on people. all day, my docs have told me time and time again, how they deal with diabetics who refuse to do anything to even get a teeny tiny bit more in control. so it's understandable that it's hard for them to just adjust their attitude immediately upon meeting someone who really and truly owns their disease; treats it like a bad-neighbor-turned-best-barbq-buddy.
so i'm super excited. we've some time to go before we really start trying, but it takes a while to get everything in order, as anyone who's type 1 and had a bebe will tell you! he thinks (if all goes well with my disease) that we should be able to deliver naturally and he might let me go to 40 weeks. sigh. you know, it all depends on....waiting. in the moment. every moment.
which brings me to my final point: being in the moment. as thich nhat hanh said, "present moment, wonderful moment" with his meditation on the tangerine.
sounds cheesy, but it's basically this story of a person who gives this other person a sweet little tangerine as a gift. and it makes the person who receives it truly stop and think about the small, beautiful little gifts that life offers us, that we offer each other. gifts we so often ignore; gifts we so often scoff at because they seem insignificant.

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Lyrehca said...

sounds like a great doc--hope you get to see him again soon!