Sunday, November 15, 2009

things that make me happy~

i really need to write about what makes me happy, because frankly, while i'm still very excited about my pump, it's been rough. i don't like focusing on the negative things of life and i really, truly believe this is why my life always works out (and believe me, it hasn't been a hay ride.) i don't really believe in good and bad luck.

i make my own luck.
[see random photo taking over the page.]

so here is my gratitude list of things that make me jump for joy even while life is handing me some serious humor-sucking blood sugar lemons:

  • my pump is green. i love green! (even though i have no idea what i'm doing yet!)
  • i love teaching english to refugees and forging the friendships i have with them (even though we have no idea what the other is saying half the time!)
  • hiking in new mexico in the fall; there's just no comparison to the colors, textures, air...(you get my point.)
  • the new music i've been downloading for my workouts (rox my sox!)
  • i love baking and especially love all of the seasonal food we've been eating: dark greens in our stews, pumpkin in the muffins, and green chile to warm us up! (but not too hot, garcia's cafe!)
  • i have a stronger desire to play the harmonica lately (thank you, revival tour!)
  • oh good gracious, matthew gave me a ring for that finger :)
  • jimmy stewart films make me bubbly (and not just "it's a wonderful life.")
  • straight-up, loyal friends are a gift i value (and yes, i mean what i say.)
  • the good healthcare i have received so far from my cde and family doc (and my own brain's ability to process complicated issues while reading, haha.)
  • getting to do more massage therapy on people actually makes me feel good. :)
  • i'm getting purple streaks in my hair! (they might be blue or pink sometimes!)
what makes you feel better when you're going through a rough patch? what do you remind yourself of?
how do you make your own luck?


Elizabeth said...

Well, I think you have a much better strategy than I do! They do say counting blessings makes one feel better, though I rarely try that.

Usually, I go on auto-pilot and maneuver through life as if it is an obstacle course with hoops to jump through, and I focus on only jumping one hoop at a time as I methodically go through each day. Focusing energy on one task at a time helps prevent me from feeling too overwhelmed!

I make a list, and check it off--and after several days like that, I've proved I can still be functional and live through the rough spot! (Which usually makes me feel better.)

Having said all that, I still like your strategy better! :D I do hope it works really well for you this week.

Congratulations on your engagement! We'll be celebrating our 1st anniversary over here in 2 weeks. How time flies!

Lyrehca said...

Congrats on your engagement!