Tuesday, February 23, 2010

book review next week: cheryl alkon's "balancing pregnancy with preexisting diabetes"~

so cheryl alkon's book "balancing pregnancy with preexisting diabetes" is coming out in april. let me be the (not) first person to say that this type of book is long overdue. i had the pleasure of getting to know a bit more about cheryl via facebook and the DOC (she kindly comments on my messy blog). so when she offered some bloggers the opportunity to read her manuscript to do reviews before its release i literally jumped at the chance! this book is going to become the bible for women with diabetes (particularly type 1's) who want to plan a healthy pregnancy. it's like "what to expect when you're expecting with diabetes"! only waaaaaay better.

oh, and she's not paying me to say this. :)

the book (i'm nearly done with it) is amazing. you know how type 1 women are always complaining about how there's no information about diabetes and pregnancy? how,when we do find info, it's from the dark ages and promotes only one way of looking at the pregnancy; that is, assuming that you'll probably suck at control and will most likely need every medical intervention under the sun? oh, and my favorite part: when you do read one of said-bad-books, it actually says...nothing. this often sums up all we get:
  • keep very tight control. master of the obvious writes the nonfiction piece of the century!
  • your insulin requirements will drop in the first trimester and reach their highest in the second and third. um, a little more info, please?
  • you'll need to see a high-risk pregnancy specialist. duh
i could go on and on. but i won't. i know you already know the frustration! just know that cheryl's book covers everything. in detail. and the amount of women she interviewed really assists in making it personal and meaningful. not just some textbook with confusing rules and graphs. she keeps it real. she offers every option. she openly discusses the struggles. she's a type 1 mama who had a heart for her girlfriends!

stay tuned for my extensive book review early next week!


Lyrehca said...

Wow, thanks! So looking forward to your actual review!

Nic@BeingDiabetic said...

Fantastic, I can't wait to read it... Sounds like the absolute ultimate for any T1 woman who wants children.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I welcome myself here. What does the author say about having many (at least 2) kids?
Congratulations on your blog.

birdy said...

there is some discussion of twins, but as far as i can tell, she doesn't address the issue of having many children in the sense that it's a conversation about your disease with your own doc. however....you'll just have to read the book! i promise you, it's not one where you'll regret buying it b/c you 'already knew all that stuff'. to put it plainly; i have the manuscript and i'm still buying this book upon its release!!!

Lyrehca said...

Hi Anonymous (and Emi, pardon me for responding directly here, but hey, the poster is anonymous),

I wrote the book mostly for the first-time pregnant woman but one of my MD sources says, at the end, that you should really make sure your A1cs are in line if you want to get pregnant again. And since everyone's diabetes is different, having more than one kid is probably best addressed with your endocrinologist and obstetrician.

Several of the women in the book have more than one child, and I tried to interview (but never heard back from) a type 1 woman who has had six kids of her own. So these women are out there, and it's certainly possible. But certain complications (kidney issues, some eye stuff, etc.) may make it harder or something that your doctor cautions you about.

Bottom line--women with diabetes, as a rule, can of course have more than one kid. But specific health considerations make it crucial to discuss everything with your doctors beforehand.

Have more questions? Email me directly at Lyrehca AT gmail DOT com.

--Lyrehca / Cheryl

birdy said...

thanks so much,cheryl!