Tuesday, February 23, 2010

going low: the opportunities abound!


to stoop down.
a hit below the belt.
to feel hypoglycemic.

also known as an opportunity par excelence in being type 1:

to eat anything in sight without question.
i wonder if this toothpaste'll do the trick...

to eat everything in sight without remorse.
do ya think a latte, 2 peaches, a p.b&j, and a small horse will cover this?
[in your stupor, you actually may not believe this to be quite enough...]

to eat food items that otherwise would get you in a lot of trouble.
-hey, i thought cupcakes were off limits?
-but officer [insert name of diabetes police-person here] i'm low!

to enjoy citrus fruits without abandon.
it's only one orange. that grocery clerk won't notice.
"hey you! step away from the oranges!"
"but i'm... doing a taste test!"

(the best part of this post is that you think i'm joking.)


Jim Huck said...

OMG that's funny. I found myself gorging on a carton of chocolate icing once. It was f'ing AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

The other day I gave someone (type1) w/ a BG of 49 a cup of chocolate ice cream. (The hospital cups are pretty tiny.) I figured when else would she get to eat it? She thought I was the best nurse ever. Her MD was not so impressed w/ me. (Oh c'mon, she only went up to 130!)

birdy said...

heidi---you ROCK!! you're so right, anytime we can have icecream without a spike is a wonderful opportunity, haha. and 130 post ice-cream is an awesome number!!! :)
it was great meeting you today and i'm soooo excited to hang out and get to know you more! thanks for your email, let's talk soon.

birdy said...

jim, i love your comments. chocolate ICING?!?! there is nothing more f'ing awesome!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ug. I really struggle with eating everything in sight when I'm low. Man. The irony of taking a bunch of insulin when you are already low, just hoping to take the edge off the high that is sure to come after eating all that stuff.

birdy said...

it's so true, scott! i get so nervous about correcting my "out eaten low" and am like, "what if i just crash again?!" the whole thing's ridiculous!! ;)