Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I really hate it when the diabetes police show up...

So I'm out somewhere and someone who knows I have type 1 takes it upon themselves to be the diabetes police.
love it.
Today at work, this gal brought some treat bars for the presentation we were giving. I work with refugees part of my week, so it really was a treat for them.
So she opens the container up and basically waves it in my face saying, "I made these for the folks today and they're just so decadent, I know you can't have them."
Not like I asked for one.
So I just look at her and say, "I have type 1. I can technically eat anything but I choose to eat as healthy as I can, as most people should."
"But wouldn't this just like, make your sugar go crazy?"
"Yes, treats should be eaten in moderation---as it should be for everyone. I don't make insulin. If I ate salad for the rest of my life I'd still die if I didn't get insulin."
"Well, I don't know if there'll be enough...."
[Me, thinking: what.the.eff.]

I'm learning not to become uncomfortable with people's silences in general after they do something like that to me. And not just with diabetes. With how some people treat people in general: as a know-it-all. The more you explain yourself, the more you fight back, the worse they get.
And I've learned not to usually engage in such "diabetes-policing" conversations. You just have to let it go. If they're like that to you, they're probably like that about everything with everybody. You are just an easy-target because what you deal with everyday is so....mundane: food. It's like they're thinking, "what a great opportunity for me to illustrate my deep understanding of this grave matter."
Ya, right.
The best part though, I must say (and I don't usually celebrate people's downfalls) was when she handed them out to the refugees. These people come from all over the world, mind you. What they consider a "good dessert" is often very different from what Americans do. Our palates are trained to crave way-too-sweet things. I'm honestly at the point now that I don't even like things too sweet because I've re-trained my palate to a healthier state in that regard.
So she hands them out and everybody said,
"Ugh. Too sweet!"

I actually felt bad because I could tell she was really excited, and it really is awesome and kind of her to make food for these very poor people. But I had to laugh nonetheless...


Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow - the nerve of her! She sounds like she can be a royal bitch...

Sort of sweet justice that everyone thought they were too sweet. Was that mean of me to say?

birdy said...

LOL!! no, that's not mean, scott. i had to chuckle at the irony of the situation myself. :) hey, and thanks for reading/commenting on my blog! it really means a lot to hear from my "veteran-D" friends. :)

shiv said...

thanks for the comment you left on my blog :) i've added you to my reading list!

goolies, btw, does not mean eyes ;)

birdy said...

OHHHHHHH!! shiv, HAHAHAHA!!! hysterical!