Friday, August 20, 2010

Backblogging week 12: the lows got the last word~

August 13th, 2010

(Look at that baby pooch!) !!!!!!!

This week, whew! I spoke too soon back there in a previous post about "what is everyone talking about with the lows?!"
To eat everything under the sun and still wake up with blood sugars of 50 at 2am and then again at 7 am...yeesh!! What the heck?! Kinda scaweeeey.
My CDE has to keep turning my night basals down. Oh, and she turned my afternoon basals down, too. She also increased my insulin to carb ratio and insulin sensitivity factor. To think all of this is gonna change to accommodate for greater resistance in a few months is mind-boggling to me. Because frankly right now, I'm amazed at the amount of food I can ingest without insulin. Sometimes it literally freaks me out. It's like, ohmygoshijustgotcureishouldremainperpetuallyinthefirsttrimesterinordertokeepdoingthis.
Uh, not.
So on the appointment front this week:
I had my 2nd ultrasound (yes, I know, it's nuts I have to do them so early.) But I did get to check out small fry from the 4-D approach this time. Wow, so weird to see his/her little face! Because I love to laugh, I started laughing of course (with tears in my eyes) and the tech was like, "um, well now. Can't get a really good picture here with all that jiggling around..." But it was so darn exciting! They did the nuchal measurement, which is an indicator for Down's syndrome. So far, baby looks ok. They also looked to see if all of Littlebird's limbs were intact (so far, so good, oh and uh, no wings) and the heartbeat (nice and strong at 160).
On the lab front:
My last A1c came back at 5.8% (I promise that's not me bragging, imagine chasing all those lows!) and all of my other blood tests like Total Protein and 24 hour protein came back fine. I also opted to do the first phase of contingency screening; which is solely blood-based genetic screening for Down's and another chromosomal defect. You can go on for amniotic fluid testing if the blood tests come back iffy, but this increases your risk for miscarriage and is only done (well, it's not required) if you're really high risk (ie, over 40) and worried. I get my results next week. Hopefully, being only 29-going-on-30, my risk is low. But *phew* always a little scary. So far, things have been turning out ok.
As you can see, my wee belly is starting to truly have a tiny bulge. I can't tell you how excited I am to finally *see* this. For me, a skinny gal all my life, gaining a belly---albeit one that makes me temporarily look like I drank too much beer (I kid, I kid)---is pretty darn exciting.
Next week:
I get my CGM (because I'm using the Medtronic Revel now instead of the Ping) next week. Thank god. Because if I'm chasing lows right now, I can't imagine the heinous stress of chasing highs in a couple of months. Wow, I'd be a total.nervous.wreck. Actually, without a CGM at this point, let's make that a capitalized Total Nervous Wreck.
I'll also begin to go through my clothes to decide which ones can fit over this strangely shaped bulge: too small for maternity wear, too big for what I own. Oy! A very interesting situation indeed, and one I am determined not be solved by running gear---as tempting as that is right now, haha. :)


Scott K. Johnson said...

HUGE congratulations on the pregnancy! That is fabulous!

birdy said...

thank you sooooo much scott!!! we've been planning and working so hard for this with, it really takes over a gal's life---and you thought it couldn't do that anymore than it already does sometimes! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear about littlebird! Yay!

birdy said...

thanks heidi! long time no see! hope life is going great!

Lili said...

Not too surprising...non-diabetic women run low during pregnancy - in the 60s. I would guess you're still making a little insulin and your body is trying to do the "normal" thing.