Monday, August 16, 2010

"Backblogging" week 8: the truth is...!

July 15th, 2010

Well, I'm 8 weeks pregnant.
I can't tell you how utterly excited and crazed with joy I am!
But, in classic fear of getting too sentimental and attached, I'm not announcing the pregnancy until I know it's safely after the first trimester.
I've wanted to write draft posts since I found out (at about 5 weeks) but to be honest, it all felt so strange and unreal still. It was like, noooooooo this isn't really finally happening! After all that planning and working and planning and working for the past year with Endocrinologists, meeting with OBs, talking with Maternal-Fetal Specialists and Diabetes Educators---we now have a baby on the way. And I hope it stays that way. ;)

It's all exciting, but funny sometimes too, because I haven't felt that wonderful. Oh, it's not like I've been vomiting all day long. Just the generalized queasiness. Ugh. It's awful. It's like that nauseated feeling you have after getting over the flu: you want to eat, but are kinda feel just a bit too sensitive still to be sure. Oy. Sometimes it's made better by eating, and other times I just want to run and hide from the looming refrigerator begging me to make dinner for MAC (my honey) and I.
I also found this fun website that tracks your pregnancy (after you've entered your dates to get the due date). It sends you an email each week to read about how baby's growing. So fun! I'd like to start taking belly shots because that'll be just :)

I haven't been struggling with too many lows, as most women have told me I would...gosh, everyone had me so worked up about getting a CGM for fear of dying. Well, but I can't say it's been easy. My BG's only stable if I eat just so but I haven't had hypoglycemic unawareness. You have to remember though, I've only had type 1 since 2008. I am hoping to get a CGM though. We did a 5 day "silent" reading (I didn't wear the actual device, only the sensor) through my hospital last week (in order to get a long term one approved) and guess what? the stupid sensor failed. 5 hours into it. Ya, I was pretty flippin' mad. I wore that darn thing for 5 days and it wasn't even working 5 hours into it. nice. So we're doing a second trial this week. I'll post about the results.
One frustrating but interesting tidbit is that I was switched to Humalog from Novolog right when I found out I was pregnant because a couple of studies showed it to be ever so slightly safer for pregnant women, as far as fetal development goes. Unfortunately, it threw my sugars so way off I had to switch back. Thank goodness I've met plenty of type 1's who used Novolog with perfectly healthy baby results, or I would've been having a cow (well, no, I'm not having a cow in 9 months!) about what to do. Maybe I spoke too soon about not having lows. I struggled so much to keep my BG in check that terrible week I was on Hellish Humalog, maybe now the "regular" pattern many women report of lows in the first trimester will begin to happen. Let's try and not jinx me here. :)
No specific cravings, although I am completely and utterly grossed out at the idea of a cup of coffee right now, which I used to covet every morning. I literally start gagging at the thought. Oh, and there was one evening MAC watched me work through an entire jar of pickles. So I guess I lied. ;) I was reading in Aviva Romm's fabulous book "The Natural Pregnancy Book" that the craving for vinegary foods "encourages our bodies to release calcium into the bloodstream" (a good thing for a growing baby who needs strong bones!) She tells us that usually when you "improve [your] intake of protein and calcium, no more cravings [for vinegary foods] happen." So interesting!
So this is where I'm at. So far so good. I'm saving these until-after-the-1st-trimester-posts as drafts because of the risk of miscarriage. But I'm feeling blessed and healthy so let's hope this baby---we'll call him/her Littlebird--- can stick around for an extended visit. ;)