Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Backblogging week 9: the waves of nausea are so fun!

23 July 2010:

This week I finally met my new friend named Nausea.
Before, I was fine.
Then, I was just queasy.
Now, pure nausea. pure.
The worst part (haha, I know, laugh) is that sometimes I wish I'd just get it over with and barf.
But no, oh no. Not me. I get the joys of that awful feeling in your stomach all.day.long. FUN!
So MAC and I thought we'd use the "polarize it" app on the iPhone for our weekly pics. I haven't taken any before this because well, as you can see, there's [still] not much to see. I kinda just look bloated, if you ask me. ;)
But do you see that teeny-tiny pooch sticking out right above my pantline? Ya, that wasn't there before. I've been the same weight since forever...give or take a couple pounds. So let me tell you: this is so darn exciting to see a little pooch of ANY kind on me!
This week according to babycenter.org we have organs kicking into full gear and an almost-complete heart (good job, baby!) I'm also ecstatic to read about tiny eyeballs and earlobes being near-completion. Because as everyone knows, I like to talk. So of course I can't wait to talk to my little one!
As for diabetes. The lows are getting a bit crazy. And yet, I'm struggling to keep my numbers in control after breakfast. The CDE said that it's the pregnancy hormones causing the more difficult-to-control highs after breakfast. I'm now eating hard boiled eggs and corn for breakfast (don't ask: next up, the post on cravings!) :) This combination seems to be working for me right now, though: animal protein seems key along with a more whole-food based carb. Even spelt toast with peanut butter (my go to for the longest time after my diagnosis in 2008) no longer works. That's ok, the idea of peanut butter right now makes me wanna puke. So let's please stop talking about it. ;)
Exciting news though! My CDE and perinatologist really wanted me to be able to use the CGM. Because I'm on the Animas Ping pump, I would've had to get either the Dexcom (which was not covered, but is partnered with Animas) and is a completely separate device worn, or the Medtronic pump's CGM. Wearing a pump, a CGM and its monitor, and then the two sites would've been really fun you can imagine:
Random person I am sure to meet: Hey, look over there! It's a pregnant robot!
Me: Back off, bub! Anything for a healthy baby!
But really, it would not have been a fun experience to be 8 months pregnant wearing all of those....electronics.
However, Medtronic's latest pump is an integrated system called the Revel: yes, you still have to wear the CGM sensor and your regular insertion site, but the sensor on the CGM sends the BG data to the pump!! So I only have to wear one device! I just got approved to switch to the Medtronic Revel system and will go on the pump (I got the purple one! It's so cute! Yes, I'm weirdly excited about the color of my pump technology!) the first week of August. I'll start integrating the CGM in a couple of weeks after that. Kind of annoying since I'll already be in my 2nd trimester, but hey, better late than never. And honestly, as the numbers become harder to control in the highs department, I think I'll be more worried about catching that. My hypoglycemic awareness is still quite good (only having type 1 for about 2 years). It's still freaky though! I check my blood sugar about 12 times a day just to stay on top of everything, high or low.
So far, so good! My last a1C was 5.8% (mostly due to lows, let's be honest) while my others were more steady at 6% when I was planning the pregnancy and when we finally got pregnant.
I can't wait to post these posts! I wish I could, but I'm still so nervous about being in the 1st trimester and all its vulnerability. *Yikes* I just keep focusing on the positive and my deep gratitude just for the entire experience so far...oh my god, I'm a mama!

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