Friday, September 10, 2010

Backblogging week 15: my wicked little CGM~

Uh-oh, I'm falling behind again on my blogging duties. I promised to be a good blogger during my type 1 pregnancy and ta-da! Here I am, back to my old ways. :)

Wow, from that picture, you could say that I'm really finally starting to show. This is so beyond exciting, being my first kiddo and all, so I could probably blog on and on about all of the ridiculousness that makes up my mushy excitement.

But I won't. :)

My middle of the night lows were still a HUGE problemo for me up until the end of the week when my CDE turned down my night basals even more and I myself realized that I could actually have a half a peanut butter sandwich before bed and not wake up any higher than 80. Not too shabby. We'll see how long it lasts, though. You know how these things change so fast!

Also, I told you how I wasn't getting any sleep because of my CGM's set thresholds screaming their lights out at me all night long: Ohhhhhh, we're dipping, Ohhhhhhh we're low. Ohhhhhhhhh, we're moving up!
Yes, I can hear you buddy. All.night.long.
But then I'd wake up and look at the graph and it pretty much looked like this:


(With a tiny bit of variability, here and there.)

So, I hate to admit this, but I'm taking a break from the darn thing. I'll put it on next week. Maybe I can wear it every other week? We'll see how long I last considering that I may actually be missing certain highs now. I do check my blood sugar like a blood-sucking fiend (12+ times a day) so I can't imagine that I'm missing that much. Wonderful Cheryl Alkon, who wrote the fabulous book "Balancing Pregnancy with Preexisting Diabetes" told me she's going nuts with her CGM, too. (She used me as a blurb on the back of her book! Can you believe it?! I'm a blurb! On the back of a book! :) And Elizabeth Edelman over at Diabetes Daily (who had the most amazing natural birth experience with Type 1---Cheryl interviewed her for her book) told me that she got so crazy with her CGM she just took breaks and eventually took the darn thing off in the 3rd trimester. Yeesh! But the key is of course, to just test like a madwoman. Well, a madwomanmama--desperate to keep her wee one healthy. :)

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