Saturday, September 18, 2010

Backblogging week 16: keeping it real, keeping it safe~

Whew! People aren't kidding when they say how fast pregnancy starts to go at some point. I'm kinda starting to freak out, to be honest. I feel like I have so much to do and am barely starting the "to do" list, haha. I thought I'd use this picture we took in our backyard, since the belly shots get a little weird sometimes. I think of taking 24 more of those shots and wonder if my readers'll think I'm merely a delusional decapitated diabetic. :)

This last week of 16/17 was pretty rough. The placenta is finally starting to truly release its hormones specific to er, insulin resistance (CAN WE SAY FUN, PEOPLE?!) making my control suddenly very difficult. My post-meal numbers suddenly began to skyrocket---even when I got so frustrated one night I merely ate an avocado and tomato salad for dinner...only to end up with a BG of 265. HOLY CRAP, BATMAN.

But as soon as I saw that it was a pattern and not just some fly-by-night bolusing mistake, I thought "Hmmm, Peabody, I think we're in for a basal change." I downloaded my pump data (Medtronic uses "CareLink"; it's not too bad!) and my CDE wrote me back that very day telling me, sure enough, to up my basals. She gave me the numbers and we changed them to an increase of about 10%. Phew. Things are a lot better now; I had some yummy fish tacos last night for dinner and my BG never went above 101. That's more like it.

As most first time type 1 mamas, I'm a royal mess right now. Every little shift, every little change, every BG that surprises me (high or low) causes me to rub my belly, apologize profusely (which, anyone who knows me, knows I do too much of already) and literally get tears in my eyes. Ok, the hormones don't help, but diabetes really throws an added wrench into things. As my CDE said, "we can't compensate preemptively for hormonal fluctuations, so we're forced to wait it out and see what happens, always staying on top of things to make changes as soon as we see a shift." And boy, do we stay on top of it. Like every 3 days, I'm downloading data for her to look at. Yeesh! I'm just glad we even know as much as we do now, as often as we type 1's get frustrated with the state of having the disease in this medical era. Think of the Diabetes Dark Ages, when the disease even freaked doctors out so much, they just said, You can't have children. And the women that tried to...well, it wasn't a pretty 9 months. Some even died trying. We are so lucky to be out of those days. Our babies are really no different now. I'm so grateful for that team over at the Center for Prenatal Development; amazing women there.

When I saw my superwonderful OB this week, he told me to keep focused on the Big Picture. He was like, "your A1c's are excellent [6% or less], your meter averages state the same, you're testing like crazy...your baby couldn't ask for more!" I really needed to hear that this week.
It's a helluva disease to try to be pregnant with, but I'll take the end result over playing it safe and not even trying. :) When I think of how the reward is a baby---a baby!---I just grin like the biggest dork, get teary eyed (how many times am I gonna admit to this in this particular post?!), and think about the next step, like: what exercise do I need today? What is the healthiest thing I can make for dinner? ... and of course, holy crap I still have so much to do! :)


Erin said...

You're going to be the most wonderful loving mama...and to be completely honest you already are! Stop worrin' your doing more then most would EVER do!


birdy said...

thanks, erin! you're awesome; i needed to hear this today. :)