Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Backblogging week 17: walking and randomness and taking it all in~

Time is flyin' and this little one is growin' like crazy!!
According to the website I follow, Littlebird's the size of a bell pepper this week. So fun!

This week was pretty busy. Great, but busy. I'm still doing massage therapy, maintaining my work with refugees, and also helping military members access mental health services through the Civilian Medical Resources Network (please support these two wonderful organizations if you're of the mindset!)

I have this wonderful friend who lives south of here and came up on the train to spend the day in the Q with me. She is such an amazing and incredible human being. What was really great, too, was how well my blood sugar cooperated with me that day. We just spent the day walking all over the place, taking the bus all around to do our day of shopping and movies and the like. I'm always amazed at how merely walking everywhere does my BG good. I'm a pretty active gal, but if i could just walk all day, I'd never spike over 120, haha. Of course, life is happening though and we can't get everything we need done by walking all over town.

**As a sidenote, I'm sitting in my favorite cafe in town blogging, and just saw the most beautiful pregnant woman walk in. Wow, she looks so great for like, 8 months!**

After the basal changes of last week, they're still holding pretty well. Any spikes I have are coming down fast with correction. This is hard for me still, though. I blame myself for every little thing that "goes wrong", forgetting that this is the nature of the disease: to keep my body in a state of constant, difficult flux, unless I just do my best at calculations and corrections. Which is all we can do, right? It's not easy, but I look at my averages and realize that we're more than hanging in there.

I still have yet to feel Littlebird. Kinda bums me out. I know I'm only in the 18th week as I sit here and write this, but I can hardly wait. I imagine it to be like a wave, coming over me....Hey mama! I'm here! Just waving from in here to say hi!

Yes, I'm strange. But this last week it's all I can think about, as I get closer and closer to feeling the baby. As my belly expands, it still seems alien...like maybe I'm just getting chubby, haha! So I'm looking forward to my first butterfly kisses inside my tummy from my little one. :)

Tomorrow, I have my 3rd ultrasound. I'll try to post week 18 IN week 18 (haha) instead of doing all this "backblogging". I've read some posts online that say some women find out the sex before the 20 week mark. Wow! Tomorrow I could find out what we're having!!
There's something about calling this little one by name that means a lot to me. But I'll be happy with whoever we get. I love kids, boys and girls a like. 'Cos remember, they all grow up into men and women, and I can think of all the wonderful things I'd like to do and share and talk about and learn about with my adult child, too! :)
Hopefully Littlebird'll cooperate tomorrow and we can do just that. :)


Sysy Morales said...

Hi! I write at thegirlsguidetodiabetes.com and I just found your blog. It is very funny, witty, inspiring. I really like your attitude :) Was wondering if I could interview you sometime? email me at sysymorales@thegirlsguidetodiabetes.com if you're up to it. PS: sounds like your pregnancy is going great! Congrats! I had twins a year ago and whoa what a journey, I feel like I'm living it all over again reading your posts :)

birdy said...

hi sysy!! i love this idea---AND i think your website is awesome!! thanks for commenting and offering this interview idea; i'd love to. i'll write you ASAP. :)