Friday, October 15, 2010

Backblogging week 20: i'm getting high, er, you know what i mean~

Wow, that picture looks no different from last week's . Sometimes I wonder about these angles....I swear, in real life it's like I'm getting huge! Well, just in one spot, haha.

So this week, hmmmm, a lot like last week, I struggled with getting high again. Haha, it sounds like a confession in tokin' up. Uh, no.

I saw the CDE again and we began having evening phone calls where we'd see if the highs were a fluke (ie, wow, that was high. Let's change your site first and then see if it's hormones or just highs.) Such a fun thing to wait out. Me, sitting there, picturing Littlebird floating around in a bowl of sugar. Homemade, straight from me to you, buddy!
No, really.
We've been correcting and making enough changes that my averages are still stable. But it can really freak a gal out, no matter what your doctor and CDE tell you, i.e.:
Complications [can] arise after the A1C is over 6.5. Even then, this isn't in stone.
Great! What is in stone then?!
The CDE also told me that in the 7 years she's been leading the program at this perinatology center, she has not seen one case of diabetes-related birth complications in someone's baby. Phew. That was really, really, really good to hear. Actually, it totally made my day.

Another strange issue I dealt with this gloriously fun week of 20, was that my insertion sites can literally just fall off. No joke. People mentioned it happening, but I was like, How does your site just "fall off"? It's inserted! However, something's going on with your skin or something because the adhesive literally just...fails, and then poof! your site is out. Just like that. My CDE said it's very common for your sites to only last 2 days. Great. We all know how much fun site changes are. Hey, but I'll take it over multiple daily injections. Those suuuuuucked.

All in all, Littlebird and I are doing well. I finally felt him---it's still very slight. Just like little hello taps. But it's the most amazing thing; it really is. Also, while I stopped wearing the CGM because it made me bonkers (I was catching all my highs and lows long before the device would-- all that beeping made it my enemy); I may give it another try as the 2nd trimester progresses. So far though, checking my BG 12-15 times a day has been just fine to catch anything...the big thing is getting a hold of those post-meal numbers---are they high, are they low? and just taking care of it. I'm also trying to stay as active as possible and find some exercises specific to active labor (my approach) like extended squats and back exercises. Wow, it's so exciting how we really are working towards this one day---only to find that the party's only just begun! Oh my, how I can't wait to meet him!

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