Thursday, February 3, 2011

so i deserve the Bad Blogger of the Year award~

I'm finally sitting here, on my couch (actually it's a very uncomfortable futon) to blog.
You read that right.
To blog.
Oh dear god, I feel so bad that it's been not only a couple of months since my last pregnancy post, but that I fell off the wagon just as things were getting interesting. :)
So onto the juicy stuff, right?
As you can see from this picture, I AM HUGE NOW.
And loving it!
(Not really, haha. I'm kind of like those dolls that roll around at the base; I can't remember what they're called?)
This pic is from 36 weeks. I am now at the end of week 37. Whew! Officially full-term!
We made it littlebird! As much as I want and plan for a natural birth, I know that if anything starts to go wrong, needing to get my baby out now, he would be fine. From the ultrasounds, he appears to be a little over 6lbs. There can be inaccuracies in these measurements, so we can't be too sure. However, we do know that littlebird's dad is 6'4", so he might come out on the 'larger' scale (ie, 7 or 8lbs, still completely in normal range) just because he might be quite loooooooong not so much BIG. haha. As my friend and doula said, "considering the lanky genes he's getting from both of you, it should come as no surprise!" (we're both kinda skinny people).
As a minor comfort to any readers who are bumming that I literally failed in my job as a Type 1 Diabetic Pregnancy Blogger, you can catch this little interview I did with Sysy Morales over at the amazingwonderfulstupendousincredible Girl's Guide to Diabetes. You have to scroll down a tiny bit due to the ads, etc, but it's there. And hopefully helpful. I think it covers, in a general way, what you go through when you're pregnant with type 1. I'd like to think this can reassure any women out there who really want to have a healthy pregnancy with this often mind-boggling disease that they can truly accomplish their dream.
As for my state-of-late, all is well. Really, it's kinda crazy. As you can read in that interview I hyperlinked above, it's the 2nd trimester that just blows you away. Everything you thought you knew about insulin resistance, stress, growth hormone, bolusing, and basals changes. Completely. But the important thing to remember is that you are not alone. If you are seeing a perinatologist, they should be in a center or can refer you to someone that offers diabetes education specifically for women who are pregnant. And as far as I know, most people see CDEs in these places who know their stuff well. I can't tell you how often I'm amazed at the suggestions and changes my "pregnancy " CDEs make. It makes a world of difference---life savers, really! Without them, this whole pregnancy would've been a mess (to me, at least). Things change quite fast in that 2nd trimester due to exponential growth of the fetus---a difficult feat to keep up with. By the 3rd trimester, there seem to be more patterns and plateauing in my bolus and basal rate changes needed; it seems more gradual.
But so far, littlebird and I have succeeded! And you can too, if you're reading this wondering what the heck to do. :)
Hmmm, not too much else to say right now except that little update. I'm headed into week 38 next week and will definitely have more to post about my hopes for my birth and what I'm doing to encourage him to come before 40 weeks. Remember, my superwonderful OB is willing to allow me to go to 40 weeks, but not past. Then I get induced. Ugh. But, he was the only doc I interviewed who was even willing to talk about this.
But, so far, so good. More on "why" later. :)

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HM said...

Hey Em! Sounds like you and the littlebird are doing good. Oh, and did you mean you feel like a weeble wabble? haha. :)