Wednesday, January 23, 2013

being free, going free~

Lately I've been experiencing a bunch of odd "symptoms" here and there when (at least I think) I eat dairy and grains. But I'm not sure. It could just be something stupid, too. I often feel sluggish, achey, have insomnia, and lately, the worst of all: I'm experiencing cystic acne in a way that I have never experienced in my life. The sad part is, I eat a healthy diet overall, my blood sugars are balancing more and more everyday that I am postpartum, and I exercise. Maybe it's stress? Who knows, but I think looking at our food is always a good place to start.
Whenever I look at Paleo diets I get kind of overwhelmed by all the do's and don'ts. I agree mostly with its premise (not eating anything our ancestors wouldn't have eaten---aka, eat Whole Food/Real Food instead of Oreos and Cheerios and Fried Rice) but I have doubts about the dairy thing. Mostly just that I think pastured butter and heavy cream are good for us. So no, I'm not talking about low fat yogurt and skim milk. Those are devoid of all their nutrient value and should be banished from our minds as "healthy foods." You've basically taken a whole food and processed it down to its sugar base. Not so good.
I've decided to do a 14 day [mostly] Grain Free/ Dairy Free experiment. That way I'm not feeling overly restricted. I think the more a person restricts their diet, the more they are at risk of a vicious cycle of restricting/bingeing. I am a person who likes to eat all foods; so I'll never be someone on a "diet" in which I eliminate an item unless absolutely necessary---as in, if I discover that I am experiencing a food sensitivity to gluten or dairy.
God, I hope not.
Because I do love cream and toast and cheese and icecream and butter and...hey, you know what I just realized? There are so many alternatives to wheat nowadays, I highly doubt I'd miss that one too much. It'd be more the issue of avoiding it because it's in so many things. I definitely would miss dairy more, I believe.

So I made a 14 Day Gluten-Free/ Dairy Free Meal Plan. It's a bit boring and may get changed around here and there to fit my family's eating schedule, but here is Day 1, below. I'll try to update you as much as possible (maybe even every day? Maybe I'm dreaming? :) But either way, I'll try to give you a few ideas at least if you're interested in doing something like this via my example days:

Porridge---I prefer to add more Almond flour, use any type of alternative milk available (almond, flax, etc if you don't have coconut milk or don't want it too coconutty) and leave out the honey. My BGs are beautiful every time I eat it. I kid you not.

Salad greens with beans (I know, I know, not Paleo, but this is not a total Paleo challenge!) and Coldcuts, oil-based dressing.

Paleo Spaghetti and Meat Sauce---there are multiple options, just do a search for one that fancies you, but here's an example (I definitely recommend using a spaghetti squash rather than kelp noodles, though...)

For dessert, well, I have all kinds of recipes I love for gluten and dairy free options. I'm making these tonight, one of my fave cookie recipes on the planet.  Here's a pic of what mine tend to turn out like (and a view of my Littlebird begging for more in the background, haha):
Wish me luck! Let me know if you've been doing any "clean eating overhauling" (among other things) this year and what you're doing to make it happen; I find these things quite difficult nowadays with a toddler and all. But our health needs to be our priority---I plan to live with this disease for a *ahem* terribly long time, winkwink.

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