Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 7 gluten and dairy free update~

Well, all I can say is that I've seen amazing improvement in my blood sugars since going off gluten and dairy. We're talking easy-peasy post meal numbers---as most diabetics, I struggle to keep them in range.  My postpartum A1C has not been awful (maintaining a 7.1%) but it's not where I really need and want it to be (low to mid 6's) as I'm planning my second pregnancy in the next year or so (did I just share that personal info?) I'm trying to bring it down slowly because this is safer and reduces the risk of dangerous low BGs, but my averages were just kicking my butt in general---they wouldn't budge for months from the 160's for a 30 day average. After just a week of cutting out gluten and dairy alone, they've slid down to the mid 140's. Nice.
Having said that, I don't really feel any different. My skin is still breaking out quite a bit but only on my jawline (classic female hormonal acne---hello postpartum for real!) but not getting worse (that's good, right? Right?! More on what I've chosen to do herbally in another post to rebalance my hormones) and I don't feel sluggish as I did before...which I do think was due to the dairy.
We'll see what happens when I do the "Challenge" days (which is what you do on an Elimination/Challenge diet. I'm going to be happily eating cheese and heavy cream and whipped cream at every meal for a full day. And then I'll either realize I'm ok (no negative bodily response) or I'll be one very, very unhappy and feeling ill gal. I wonder though, too much dairy in general even when people *aren't* technically sensitive can give people some digestive discomfort, so I wonder how I'll know the difference? This is why I'm actually thinking of just not going too overboard and eating as I normally would've ingested dairy---pastured cream in my morning coffee, some cheese and an apple for a snack later. Ok, maybe I'll have grilled cheese for dinner to make up for lost time. Ha! Oh wait, I can't...because I have to do gluten on a different day. Oy. This is annoyingly complicated!

My point is that this has been hard (all I want right now is some cheese and crackers!) but it's also not been that bad. And wow, the blood sugar stabilizing is pretty amazing....I think, perhaps what has happened is that I'm eating healthier options when I have the common dairy/gluten cravings (which, hilariously often go together): cheese and crackers are replaced with a piece of fruit and some almonds, instead of toast I baked way more almond flour muffins to curb the craving/need for something glutenously carby (yes, that is a term, believe it, belieeeeve it!) and I've noticed my dinner plate is way more full of veggie options since I'm not just piling on....oh wait, that's weird. My carb options for dinner generally never involved a lot of gluten (ie, pasta) but I think honestly because my cravings for it are being curbed, I'm going easy on things like rice (even though we only eat 100% wild) and potatoes. Weird, huh? This is real food for thought.

So what this boils down to is:
just trying this experiment----and it takes willpower, I tell ya, sheer WILL POWA!---rebalances your body to decrease the cravings for refined carbs.  Yes, I thought that was so important that I just italicized it and wrote it in bold. I'm feelin' bold so I emboldened it. ;)

So take the plunge. Give it a shot. You might not find that you're actually truly allergic/sensitive/intolerant to gluten and/or dairy, but you might get some insights into your diet, your cravings...and especially your blood sugars. I'm even gaining insights into the why's and when's of my gluten/dairy cravings. Which, as we all know too well, play a huge role in the types and amounts of our carbohydrate intake.

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