Friday, October 4, 2013

coffee and tea---and cream

Oh, whoa is me. I kept trying to drink coffee and tea---with cream.
So bad.
My poor tummy definitely paid for it.
So I just drank tea. Because I do love tea (twig tea, especially) plain. But I can't drink black coffee. Let's just say yuck.
So I was at our little local natural foods market and lo and behold, I happened upon this tea I'd never seen before: Roastaroma.  I think though, since it's made by Celestial Seasonings, you should be able to find it at pretty mainstream markets, too.
Wow! I took a chance on it because I wanted something I could actually truly enjoy adding almond milk to (I tried and tried with coffee, and while it was good, it took so much for me to make it 'right' that the entire cup was cold and kind of chalky by the time I was done pouring, haha).  So this tea (it's actually a coffee subsitute) is totally not weird---kind of along the lines of "tee-cino" but soooo much better! It actually tastes great with the almond milk added in, you don't need that much, and if you are indeed trying to 'get off' coffee, it has a really lovely, nutty, rich flavor. It's an herbal tea, so also uncaffeinated. Yay!
But the cream issue. I've finally found an awesome nondairy creamer substitute (and it's not nutritionally scary) for coffee! It's so wonderful and tastes completely normal. The best part? If you buy the "original" flavor, you don't have to bolus for it because it's only 1gram of carbohydrate per tablespoon!
I'm working really hard lately to decrease my grain and dairy intake. I decided that in order to make that process easier, I'd pinpoint the foods I have the hardest time with (aka, that I'm addicted to) and focus on finding healthier substitutes that work with my body's needs, or healthy ways to eliminate them from my diet, if need be (as with gluten and milk products, I've found.) It's a process that must be done slowly, otherwise we all just end up bingeing, EEK!

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Michele James-Parham said...

Have you tried, are you opposed, to just using unsweetened coconut milk? If you only need a little, it should do the trick and give you a dose of good fat for your brain at the same time. This is assuming that you use coconut milk regularly enough that you wouldn't end up wasting a partial can after opening it (it will keep in the fridge a few days after opening, but put don't leave it in the can; find a glass bottle or covered dish for it).